The Company

What we offer

Andon is an Italian industrial consultant company that offers the customers its expertise and its technical and economic know-how, which were the result of several decades of experience on different fields of manufacturing industry, such as Plant Engineering, Project Engineering , Project Management and engineering industry, including safety protection in the workplace, environmental protection and quality assurance. 

Our technicians are able to immediately understand the needs of our customers and to develop innovative and competitive solutions to meet their needs.

In a market of increasing globalization, where competitiveness on quality and selling prices of manufactured products is the main and fundamental prerogative that must be possessed by manufacturing companies, Andon provides its customers with the ability to identify with an intense activity of analysis and technological development, technical solutions appropriate to ensure either their company survival and also their development, without causing social unrest and negative effects on the environment.

Our specialty is working with the World Class Performance for small and medium enterprises in the manufacturing sector, performance ranging from the design and construction of the machinery or individual equipment to their management, from the human resources management to the production processes management.


The company was set up in 2010 and is located in Pacentro (AQ), in the Abruzzo region of Italy. 

It has a direct staff of technicians and uses, when necessary, other external experts and business consultants skilled in any industry, from building design, industrial design, to the “turn key” construction of entire industrial complex or individual manufacturing machines.

The presence of diversified skills within Andon allows us to provide our customers with a complete and comprehensive interdisciplinary approach of any problem existing in their factories.

The use of modern tools for calculation and measurement, in addition to the traditional theoretical studies, allows us also to run on with a continuous updating of methods and techniques of research activities and to perform the construction and implementation tasks of the identified solutions.

Last but not least, with the collaboration of some University Institutions partners Andon is able to provide scientific and technical support to the development and innovation of products and to the research activities for new solutions of industrial applications in the design and management life cycle of a product or of a manufacturing plant.

We are available for professional assignments around the world.

Why Andon?

The term "andon" represents one of the basic principle of Japanese Jidoka, one of the core activities of Lean Production manufacturing technology.

It indicates the action to alert that operating personnel make when they detect some factory defects or problems during their work.

Usually this signal is emitted by the operator pulling a rope which start the visual signal or the acoustic signal of alarm.

Andon procedure gives the line operator the permission to stop the production flow when he discovers a problem or a defect, attracting the attention of the Technical Assistance on it, felt with his call.
It is the heart of the TPS Toyota Production System.